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Episode 35 - Go(ing) to Go

September 12th, 2014

So, we're finally back. Episode 35 is all about Go and we're joined by Marc Esher (who was on the podcast before). 

After some a quick run through some "things of today" (that Kai clearly won this time), we get started and try to explain what Go is and its place in the universe of programming languages. We ramble on talking about specific features of the language, what individuals like or dislike about it and how each of us uses Go. Towards the end, we're discussing package management issues with Go but then run out of time to dive into more details and a variety of other topics on our list.
However, here's a good amount of links for further reading and on some of the stuff we didn't get to...

Getting started:

Go Packages and Libraries:

  • Package Management: GPM 
  • Generics: Gen 
  • URL routing: Mux 
  • Goon (GAE specific) 


  • #go-nuts on Freenode (IRC)
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