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Google+, JavaScript Unit Testing and AngularJS with Elliott Sprehn

July 13th, 2011 · Comments

With Google+ coming out the other week, and ColdFusion developers jumping on it like crazy, we thought we would have a chat with Elliott Sprehn, who used to be a ColdFusion developer for Teratech, but has more recently been working in the Mountain View office of Google.

Elliott was part of the team that worked on the super-funky send feedback feature that can be found in the bottom right hand corner of Google+, as well as in a few other Google properties, like YouTube.

We announce that ColdFusion now has a new product manager - Rakshith N, which is wonderful news! Rakshith has been with the ColdFusion engineering team for a number of years, and has now stepped up to be the product manager. Congratulations Rakshith!

From there we go into a discussion of unit testing with Javascript (this will change the way you write Javascript!), and some of Elliot's favourite frameworks for doing unit testing with Javascript - Javascript Test Driver and Jasmine.

Finally we talk about an incredibly powerful, although not very well known, MVC and Dependency Injection (and SO much more), framework for client side Javascript that Elliott has been involved with - called AngularJS (there is even a quote from Ray Camden on the website), talk about some of it's features and how it does the magic that it does.




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