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Episode 9 - A/B Testing and Other Random Stuff

June 24th, 2011 · Comments

After being gone for a little while, we are back with our ninth episode!

After discussing Mark's new dog, Sukie, and how he's now also addicted to turntable.fm (as I'm sure Kai will soon be as well) we get into some deeper discussion of more relevant topics, such as how Ray Camden has joined Adobe (Yay!), and how Adobe has dropped support for Linux (Boo!).

From there we get into an in-depth discussion about A/B Testing (a.k.a Multi-Variant Testing). Including what it is, why you would want to use multi variant testing, what tools are currently available for doing multi variant testing, and what makes some better than others, from aspects such as capabilities as well as testing and deployment.

Mark then announces a new Open Source project, Squabble, which is a service side Multi-Variant suite that is written in ColdFusion that he has been working on with Ezra Parker and Josh Wines, that helps combat some of the issues that they have faced using some other multi variant testing tools out there.



Tags: ColdFusion · Testing · AIR · Community

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