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Entries from May 2011

Episode 8 - cf.Objective() Wrapup

May 25th, 2011 · Comments

Mark recently got back from the amazing cf.Objective() conference in the US.

We discuss the content that was part of the keynotes, as well as the new features that were revealed about the next version of ColdFusion - including the revelation that the next version of ColdFusion is coming sooner than expected...

We then go through some of Mark's favourite sessions, including, but limited to:

  1. Undocumented and Off Script: ColdFusion & Ehcache
  2. ORM Zen
  3. Implementing an In-Memory Distributed Cache Using ColdSpring AOP and Ehcache
  4. Advanced Web Application Security
  5. Test Driven Development in JavaScript with JsTD and Jasmine
  6. What is Functional Programming? (and why should I care?)
  7. Intro to AngularJS, JavaScript Done Right



Tags: ColdFusion · Conferences · ColdFusion Next · Testing · Javascript

Episode 7 - ColdFusion Builder 2 and other goodness.

May 6th, 2011 · Comments

This week ColdFusion Builder 2 was released, along with Creative Suite 5.5 and Flash Builder 4.5. We have a chat about Builder 2 and the features we like in it, and also talk through some functionality we would like to see in the product as well.

We also have a talk about price discrepancies between the U.S.A and Australia and New Zealand, and why that may be.

Mark also received his Samsung Tab 10.1v, so a discussion about Android Tablets ensues.

We also do a quick shout out to the streaming radio station CodeBass, and the guys and gals who wrote the MediaSlurp player for listening to Adobe related audio and video content.

A few other topics pop up as well, but a pretty straight forward episode this week!



Tags: ColdFusion · ColdFusion Builder · Flex · Tablets

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