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Episode I - Mark and Kai get started

February 14th, 2011 · Comments

This was always just meant to be an experiment. It was fun and we liked it (even though we recorded it at 6 a.m. in Mark's timezone) - here you go.

In this episode we're talking about cf.Objective(ANZ) 2010, what's going to happen with cf.Objective(ANZ) 2011, we're covering the big announcement of Adam and Allison passing over the stewardship of ColdFusion to a new team and speak about some other random things: What's Oracle doing to Java and why and why Kai thinks Mercurial lends itself much better to corporate, Windows-based development teams than Git.

Tell us if you like it and how you cope with our weird mishmash of accents - if you like us rambling on about stuff for about an hour every fortnight, we might take it on as a new hobby :)

Please note: 2 dudes from downunder is a "work in progess" - Any good suggestions welcome!

UPDATE: Title is sorted. We're now "2 devs from downunder"!

Tags: ColdFusion · Conferences · Version Control

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